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Thank you so much or visiting my website. I hope ​you enjoy ​browsing my site and discovering the ​variety of services and products I have to offer. I ​have been an aesthetician for over 24 years, ​gaining my Skin ​Therapy Master's in 2008 (In ​New York!) I have been passionate ​about ​skincare for a lifetime! As a self-professed ​"ingredient junkie" I continue to enjoy searching ​for new, innovative treatments that ​will deliver ​proven results for my clients. With a Diploma & ​25 certificates in 24 years, I am truly a perpetual ​student always evolving.. It is very important to ​me that I not only pamper my clients but ​also ​educate them and help them maintain and ​improve their self-​confidence through my ​personalized treatments and professional ​​recommendations

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Specialty Skincare

Offering a wide range of advanced facial ​skincare ​treatments to Remove, Rebuild, ​Protect and Maintain. Micro-needling, ​Dermaplaning, Thermocoagulation ​(removal ​of minor skin irregularities, (MSI) ​Microdermabrasion, High Intensity ​Ultrasound (​toning & skin tightening) and ​LED light therapy. Not ​sure where to start!? ​No problem, Together we will ​help find you ​the right treatment.

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Cosmetic Tattoo

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Naturally enhance your own beauty. ​Have your ​girlfriends ask you what ​you've done because they ​know your ​looking fabulous but cant quite ​figure it ​out! Bold isn't always better. ​I pride myself on offering ​soft & ​natural Cosmetic tattoo.

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Gel Manicure &

Nail Enhancements

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Gel mani's provide a deep clean for your ​nails, which ​will help to create strong and ​healthy nails. The ​removal of dry and dead ​skin cells promotes healthy ​cell renewal ​and growth and keeps your hands in great ​​condition.

Nail Enhancements; Free of any harmful ​chemicals so ​no worry of dehydration, ​staining, or weakening. Plus ​non-yellowing ​and odorless application or removal. ​One ​of the best choices if you are wanting to ​add ​strength to weaker nails that are ​shorter in length. ​Suitable for overlay, ​short to medium nails.

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The Little Extras

Lash Lift

Lash & Brow Tinting

Natural Brow Shaping

Facial Waxing

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Chaparral, Calgary AB

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